Sport Touring / 2-up comfort on a 'Busa?


Another nubie question - I am considering buying a 'Busa, but would like to be able to take the wife with me on weekend trips (no more than 8 Hrs. ride per day) - the rear seat looks a bit small, the pegs seem high for the passenger.. has anyone seen anything other than a Corbin for the passenger ergo's on these bikes? I'm also seriously considering the Kawasaki ZZ-R1200 because it seems to have better passenger ergos (but MAN, I REALLY don't want the extra weight and softer suspension of that bike&#33
.. Has anyone had experience with a lower peg-set for the rider? I could see the rider's legs getting cramped after an hour or so... (and to think my last bike was a '94 GSXR-750... I MUST be getting old! :-) )
Welcome to the board. I haven't had a passenger yet but there are a number of guys here that have without complants.
Hello from Ks..............I don't have any experience with other seat manufactures. But, I can tell you how pleased I've been with the Corbin in a two-up situation. The seat has plenty of room and I mean plenty for yourself and the little lady. I'm 6'5" without any peg mod's, I would suggest lowering the foot pegs for the long hauls. It's my very next mod!
I gave Sue a ride on the Busa on the back seat... she hated it the back of the busa was to cramped for her for much of a long ride. But Im lucky I have the Busa an
d Sue has her Bandit 1200S to ride so its no big deal here.

Thanks for the insight guys! I'm coming to the conclusion that pretty-much anything short of a Connie / ZZ-R1200 / FJR1300 / ST1300 is not gonna be comfortable for a passenger long-term. And these guys are all too soft for my taste..
I've got a corbin passenger seat as well it sits about 3 inches higher than the regular seat. Well my wife all 5'1 of her thinks the seat is great in comparison with the stock seat, but 8 hours even for her would be uncomfortable.. Go with the
FJR 1300 if you are set on using it for 2 up touring..I love the busa, and its works well as a single tourer, but 2 -up for long distances---- wasn't made for it.
Kawafaski rides his 'Busa with his wife and luggage all the time with no problem. Ask him.
My wife and I used to ride all the time together before I bought her, her own bike. She is 5'6 and she did not have any complaints on a 400 mile day.
My wife and I ride alot. We go to Monterey every year
for the Superbike races. It's a good 3 hour ride from
our home to Monterey. We make 2 stops on the trip.
My wife loves riding on the Busa.
I've owned several bikes including an FJR and my passenger , who is 5'6" likes the Busa the best, saying it's quite comfy but still a sporty feel.