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I need a set of front Rotors ASAP! plan to take a trip this Sunday, 7/12/09.I know that ain't happening.
My stock front rotors have got bent or warped or something, but they are giving new meaning to the term "Floating" as in they are wiggling around the rivets! Good amount of shimmy in my front end. One side is worse than the other where 4 rivets have an 1/8 of play.

So as long as i need rotors i might as go with Galfers. Someone set me up in something black that will work with stock brakes. Oh and quote me the rear to match!

Again, i need these ASAP to the southern part of OHIO 45688.

Thank you.

Does anyone stock anything in this country anymore?


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If you had called earlier I could have done something..
Same here. 1:30 pm on a Friday, I feel for you man.

We've overnighted stuff for saturday morning delivery before, very expensive, but they got their part.

I actually have used stock set I could overnight you in a pinch but typical busy friday & just checking in.

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