Spokane riders

/////Hello all I guess I should introduce myself. Im Egbert . 46yo and ride a Busa. Went from H/D to a Busa. Id like to hook with riders on any style of bike to ride with. Im new to the Spokane area. Ive been out on the wheat feald roads and - Whoop - theyre FAST. Also seen the road around Coeur D Alene lake. _WHOOP _ That road kicks ass. smooth. Blanchard Hwy is finished too. -whoop- contact me if interested in a or wanting a scooter riding girl scout to putt with. I have 2 Ironbutts. I drag race but have not this year. I am not much of a railer tho. Love the rails but there seems to be a train coming. I ride my ride and am not influenced by Peer Pressure. Ill meet you there if your faster. E-Mail or post. littleturtle_8@yahoo.com -- see me --Egbert Yuk Fooie

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