*SPOILER* Misano MotoGP

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What a messed up start to the race, but then a brilliant start from sixth and a great race to second for Valentino. Looks like he (or Audi) may have finally "convinced" Ducati to make the modifications to the frame and swingarm that he's been requesting. Brilliant race win for Lorenzo (always making it look effortless), and Nicky managed a good race to seventh, even though he almost didn't start because of the pain in his hand. Pretty amazing finish for third, with Bautista barely edging out Dovizioso:

It was a great race with lots of drama and "oh shid" moments all weekend! Shame for Pedrosa to be sent out as he was. Great to see Vale back up on the box! I don't think Audi had anything to do with the result.
I agreed on the audi thing but maybe they released the funds to do something. However I also think Rossi just said I'm going to ride above the bike's limits for this race. As Stoner has said, you can ride the Duc fast if you just forget about the crashing. I hope the bike is fixed but I wouldn't start betting Duc on the podium just yet.

Still, it was awesome to see Rossi turn in a good ride on the DUc before leaving to go back to Yamaha.