I plan on putting an X-TRE and Speedohealer on my '08 busa. My question is can the speedohealer calibrate the speedometer for a different dash background that has a higher top speed on it (something like the pre-'08 dash)? My thought is that I can't and that even if I calibrate it to a specific speed using GPS, it will be inaccurate at a higher or lower speed because the needle is "calibrated" for the 185mph dash.

Hopefully that makes sense and thanks.
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I haven't changed it yet. I just plan on unrestricting the busa and would like to get a custom dash so I can actually see over 185. However I want to know it's possible to calibrate the needle to a different dash with the speedohealer first before I do anything.
if you go to the website for the speedhealer and use the calibrator it will be right on i had a sproket change 99 speedo face (220 mph) on my 02, and a larger tire works great.
The Speedo-Healer adjusts the amount the needle sweeps the gauge face, driven by the analog speedo signal.
I understand what you're asking and it will work just fine. Use whatever the needle indicates on your new spedo background to calibrate it.. (actual / indicated), subtract 1 from that, and then myltiply by 100. :learn: You can also store 2 different settings, for example if you frequently swap gears, etc... :-)