Speedo not working...


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Took the Busa out, and noticed that my speedo isn't working. It was working yesterday, and I haven't done any electrical work on the bike for a couple of weeks (installed an air horn).

When I turn the ignition on, all the guages do their initialization thing (bounce up then down).

Any ideas? The bike has less than 700 miles on her. I hope this isn't going to be a trend.

No one wears a Speedo anymore. Just kiddin. Sorry to hear that. Hope it's something simple. I will have to watch mine now more.

Good luck.

I guess I have nothing of value to offer you on this subject except never wear a Speedo on a Busa. It's just bad taste.

Go out for a short ride and check to see if your odometer is working. If it isnt, you may want to check the speed sensor to make sure its still connected and in its place. Just my .02 for what the cause may be.
I found out why my speedo isn't working. Odyssey suggested I look at the speedo sensor. I didn't know where it was until I trolled through the Busa Service Manual.

So I go to look at the sensor, and the plastic/metal piece that the sensor is mounted to, and covers the front sprocket has cracked with half of it dangling by the sensor line.

The wierd thing about this is I remember when it happened. I was driving home from work. I stopped my bike to talk to a guy and turned the bike off. I heard a couple of noises, but thought it was traffic.

The bike is still under warranty, so I guess I get to find out how my local service department treats me.

I'd avoid telling them anything about working on the bike yerself . IE (airhorns) . Some dealers can be anal 'bout such things . Just my opinion thou .