Whatchu talkin' bout....

You can get EL sheets in any color and cut them yourself in any shape. Although each sheet costs about what they are charging for these (Around $100 a sheet).

I had the link to one supplier, but I can't seem to find it right now. That is another option if you can not get this order going.
See Narc,

That's why you da man. You always seem to have a contingency plan. Once again, "YOU DA MAN!!!"

Looks like we have 12 now.
If this doesn't start happening sooner I might buy some more and sell them. I know when people see them on the bike they'll want them.

Let's get them soon.
Hey Narc, I know you are da man but for some of us low end guys,(oh and girls) we don't have the knowledge to do somethings like what speed hut does. Besides for just a lil bit more we get the gauges and the 6 level color changer. Seems like deal for me anyways. I put my order in and myself and some others are waiting for more people to buy-em.Come on people wake up.
Check out the site and put your orders in. these guages are

Custom Hayabusa guages
well if you just get the basic set and the 6 color changer is included free (reg 26.00) it is I think 119 +ship. They have a list of graphics and colors to choose from. If you want a custom designed graphic, they charge 32.00 per guage. I understand that you can get all four guages with custom designs. I am getting the kanji TRUTH in the tach and the kanji PROSPERITY in the speedo. It will costme 179.00. 220 mph guages. As far as how hard to install, not sure, I remember when I had the put the clear turns in fron, I had everything off, fairings, screen, upper/inners, and it looked real easy to access the guage package. cant be as hard as getting the headlight retainer spring back in without removing the nose. hehehe I did that so i can do anything!
Kerberos, What color are you getting?
Also I'm in the process of buying the remaining 8. All are going to have the hayabusa symbol but I need suggestion's on what Dial/Font color combo's.

for me

220 mph
midnight blue guage
white/rickshaw font

but if you are going to get all the rest, I would either get all white with rickshaw font or they should allow you to get all 8 in different color/font combos, but get the hayabusa kanji in the tach and the power kanji in the speedo ( would read "falcon / power" in english translation) just my .02
Whoo Hoo! it show 21 orders at speedhut!! We all should be getting our conformation emails soon. First 21 busas in the world with these guages!

Yeah Baby!

They would allow me to get any combos I wanted but I didnt want to get some that would not sell.
Thanks for the advice