Speed sensor?


While making my sprocket and chain replacement I noticed that the Speed sensor was REALLY dirty and had bits of metal on it. I cleaned it along with 15k worth of chain lube on the engine case. I don't know it it's the new running or if the sensor was not picking up right but the bike seems like it runs much smoother and better.
What does the sensor regulate? Just curious.
Just gives info to the speedo. I don't remember seeing it as part of the FI circuit. I'll check later for sure, though. Either way, it goes by inductance (moving ferrous metal), so being dirty won't affect it.

A new, well lubed chain can mean quite a difference in rolling resistance. Your old one may have just been a bit 'stuck'. This is why I very frequently clean and lube mine with gear oil, not wax. It's messy, sure, but my chain lasts forever.

BTW, did you change the ratio, a 16-tooth sprocket maybe? That will definitely affect your 'performance' (acceleration).