Speaking of thanking people. This goes out to GSXcite


I don't want Justin of Honda East to go unnoticed for his help to the board here but I don't want to forget the individuals that step up to help also.

Namely in my case GSXcite, was first to offer me a peg I needed to save me from having to buy a new pair. He was so gracious and sent it to me with nothing but kindness.

This board has a lot of great members and I know there are plenty that step up.

But I think its easy to overlook how important it is when the individual steps up with little things that still makea big differenced when you're faced with a problem.

I also want to thank Captain and the Board Mods for running one of the best boards I am proud to be a member of.

Sometimes life takes over and I don't get here as often as I used to but it isn't anything to do with the board lacking appeal.

Thank you all that help make this bike a brotherhood rather than a piece of machinery.


Just call me B.O.B
Not to change the subject but I just noticed your location. What are you saying Tom? :laugh:

Now a big YAY to GSXcite, aka Hal! He's such a great guy!!


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GSXcite is one of the best guys i know! can't wait until he and i can get together this next year and ride!! :beerchug:


OEM Parts/Accessory guy
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I really appreciate the rep points Tom. I'm glad I was able to get you squared away with everything :beerchug:
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