Sparky knee drag photos on Pashnit Busa with GoPro Gimble


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Hey gang, thought you might enjoy these. Don't let anyone tell you the Busa can't corner. ;)

One of our Pashnit Tour alumni in Australia built us a GoPro Gimble out of spare parts he had from his RC Planes & cars. Modified to work with all the RAM balls I've got on the Busa (11), can attach this anywhere to it's a new toy to play with a new genre of Pashnit Photography!

The gimble allows the camera to always stay level, so it's self leveling through all the turns.

Cool on-board effect you normally don't get to see with on-board photography.

One of my favorites





Closer to the ground we get, better the shots look.
Plus I have to figure out a way to imprint the word 'Pashnit' on the bottom of the can. :thumbsup:

AWESOME Tim. New desktop wallpaper.

Stick Pashnit on the bottom of the can with letters cut out from a sheet of carbon fiber, stuck on with high temp silicone. :thumbsup:

Or,spray paint letters on with hi-temp paint.Use thick paper,cut out word,tape on can bottom,spray away.

Or an' engraver with a steady hand. Then spray paint over the top,light wipe with a rag,paint stays behind only in the etching.

One of our Pashnit Tour alumni in Australia built us a GoPro Gimble out of spare parts he had from his RC Planes & cars

Can you PM me the member's details (with their permission, of course?. I'd love to get my hands on one of those "tilting" devices for the camera like moto GP bikes have.
That's ane awesome shot! Really like the self-leveling feature, don't have to strain my neck to see all that knee dragging! :laugh:
Some more pics of the new GoPro Gimble... All the RAM arms & mounts I already had so just working with what I got.

My original thought was to get the camera behind the sprocket and as low to the ground as possible without scrapping the pavement. It will take a couple tours to perfect the right shot.


The Brains



With such a long arm, it has to be triangulated at two mounting points.

Testing, testing, bike corners and camera stays level


5V RC battery powers the servo & GPS receiver


Worried about scraping it on the ground, a lean test

Ready to ride


Camera shoots a photo every 2 seconds, so lots of junk pics, but always get a couple good ones.


Next step will be to convert the power supply to 12V and I can power it with the bike.
I think you need to put Pashnit on backside of your puck.
The last pic in post two gives a really good shot of the puck.
Black letters against the yellow puck color would stand out.

Then get a slightly closer shot of the puck as its sparking.
That would look really cool.