Spark plugs


I've been away from bikes for years. I have an 06 busa and was wondering if the ngk iridium center plugs work ok. I know the bike is new but I do have a little spark knock and I was wondering if they are better than the oem ngk plugs. I do use 93 octane.
Oh yeah, I forgot 2 things.

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Where are the pics?

Congrats and welcome! First, try using 87 octane in the tank.
Welcome, and Suzuki recommends using 89 octane, so I would give that a try before doing anything else. With gas prices today it will save you a few bucks too, and use good gas too!
I use NGK CR9E in my Busa and CR9EK in my 02 Katana.  I use 87 octane in my stock engine.  "They" say a stock engine runs better on lower octane fuel.

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I'll definitely have to try 89 does seem tempermental with 93.......I just thought because of the higher compression ratios that you need to run 93. Thanks for the tip guys. As for pictures........I will take some soon and post.........I've been working too much
I didn't notice ANYTHING different going from regular stuff to ngk iridium.

87 Octane is all that is recommended or needed, not 89 or 93. The higher octane stuff is a waste of money and will actually lose a few ponies as well. If you are really hearing spark knock than a lower octane isn't going to work anyway, spark knock(detonation) requires HIGHER octane not lower.

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If your bike is stock and you really do hear knock, I would suspect ignition timing that is too far advanced. You usually hear knock under load, like shifting from first into fourth and giving it a good amount of gas. It sounds more like a rattle than a knock.

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