Spacer plates

Hi all,

For those of you using a spacer plate or builder/tuners that fit them, is there any significant low end power loss from the lower compression before you get on boost?

Do any of you find it makes the bike less street friendly?

I have only built a couple , and always used turbo pistons with spacer or stock comp.
Its going to depend on a few things, how much power are you after? what wheelbase do you want to run? which turbo kit do you have?

Generaly if you put in a spacerplate turn up the boost a couple of psi and you will barely notice the change in bottomend and gain a little in top.
Take note of comments about squishband in another thread, for the same compression the correct squish (piston/head clearance) will reduce the chance of detonation.
with the spacer plate you do loose a little low end power, but with a small turbo the spools up`quick you will be ok, and yes it will be streetable....i love mine...

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