Sorry it's taken me so long, computer probs.!


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I was trying to get these up a month ago but have had computer problems so........I hope you guys enjoy.

I'll try and get some more up when I get back to the states but I am in Germany right now.  We just got back from Amsterdam last night and will be heading to Rothen-burg tonight en-route to the Porsche factory! :drool:


I was trying to get you some shoots of the Carbon-Fiber can but your polished one looks HOT! :super:

Take care all, more later.

P.S.  What I would give to have the BUSA on the Autobahn right now! :bowdown:


EDIT:  Sorry again, I still can't get the pics to load up for some reason!  Go ahead and ERASE this THREAD or it will be a week until I can fix it. PIC LINK DOES NOT WORK!

Our time zones are off but anyone want to try posting them for me? Unless someone is online at this crazy of an hour, it might be a day or so until I am back to the computer to send them.

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Yo Josh,

If you want to send me the pics I'll post 'em for ya in here. Take out the spaces in my address below for it to work. Gotta dodge those junkmail crawlers getting my e-mail addy. ;)

I love my polished Ti can but I'd still like to see your carbon can. ;)

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