SOOOOOOSick of Winter!


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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Just cleaned up after over an other foot of snow,,,, This winter suks soooo bad!


If it makes you feel any better we are sitting at 50 degrees now with just water on the ground. The bad part is my kitchen is sitting in front of the bike because I simply wasn't expecting such good fortune…



Same **** here in Toronto, worst winter in 40 years for cold. We had more days at 0 Fahrenheit than in any other year that I can remember.

"Toronto on track for 2nd coldest winter in 25 years"

I hope the summer is unbearably hot as a compensation.



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Sorry I missed your call...I was stuck in a marathon 3.5 hr meeting :banghead:

Soooooooo, is it April yet? :whistle: If it keeps going like this, you'll have to dig out just to leave the state! :p

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Strange? When I was out in the yard this morning tossing a line in the pond none of my toes were even the slightest bit cold in my flip flops? :moon:


Agree about winter sucking. Storm coming in tomorrow. Seems we are in the 8-16 inch range. Winds 30-40 MPH as the storm winds down. We have about 3 feet of snow on the ground now. Just glad I have hand warmers on the snowblower!


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We got about 7 inches of snow Monday. Today they are calling for thunderstorms with up to 2 inches of rain and wind advisory of 50 to 60 mph gusts. :banghead:


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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It Snowed last nite again, so off to mothers house to clean the driveway again

More coming 2 nite also! WTF


Winter.... Winter..... Winter......... Nope haven't seen it.

All jokes aside this summer is gonna suck for us.


I want to ride like the next guy or gal, and will probably ride tomorrow because today and tomorrow is pretty good here on Long Island, NY.

But the long term solution to long winter months is to adapt, and find an activity which is close to riding a bike. Look no further than... SNOWBOARDING. Those who are thinking of trying, but are hesitant, let me tell you something. I've been skiing for many years, and a few years ago got really bored with that. At 50+ years old, I decided to learn how to snowboard. Keep in mind, I am a very slow learner. So, I got a used board and boots on ebay a few years ago. In a few sessions spread over a period of a couple of years, I got to a decent beginner level.

And boy, what a feeling going down the easiest trail, being leaned over almost touching the slope while in turn, completely relaxed and experiencing this perfect balance between the two very familiar forces - gravity and centripetal force. Wait a second! This is the same feeling I get when riding a bike! See what I mean?

Side effects are very similar, too: non-erasable grin on your face, seeing the road... I mean, the slope as you are falling asleep... you know, all the good stuff. Of course, hungry afterwards, and a great topic during dinner.

So, stop doubting yourself, get the board, take the lessons, get past the initial learning curve, and you will be shaking your head and thanking yourself for pushing yourself over that mental barrier, while enjoying very moment of it.

I am not gonna go in details - there is plenty info out there, but just wanted to say this: helmet and wrist protectors are a must.

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