Soon to be a new busa owner


I am just about to purchase a 2001 Busa in Black/silver. Any thoughts or suggestions?  I drove it for the first time and it was awesome.  The bike has 700 km/400 miles on it.  Anything I need to be aware of?  What about the TRE mod-best bang for the buck? This is my six bike, not my first!

Allright congrats! I would suggest riding the Bike for a while getting use to it then decide what mods you wanna do. Just curiuos whats your location and how much $ is the busa?
I am located in Toronto. I am getting a whale of a deal on the bike as it only has 800km/500 miles on it with full warranty    ( 2001 model, about $7200 US!)  just have to sell my other ride now. From the last part of my handle you may be able to figure out what brand it is