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Good Stuff KS...Though it leaves me wondering. If all of this bad stuff happened to Art shouldn't he at least consider the possability that he isn't meant to be on two wheels? Sounds like a lifetime of warning signs to me...Good article.
"(...) a couple of riders who were struck by lightning and woke up in the ditch."
"(...) a motorcyclist who was killed after a dog fell on him from a railroad overpass."

One can't be prepared for everything...
Nice reading!


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Good read. Thanks for posting.

Hit by lightning. Damn! That's a hint-and-a-half for your ass that someone upstairs doesn't like you.


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Good article. there is always something. People are just so stupid. I was riding last week (whcih in this weather is rare) a Beverly Hillbilly pickyp (You know the kind) was packed tight with all kinds of stuff. No way was I going to stay behind this guy. Just as i passed a full recliner flip of the truck in the air and landed where i would have been. thank you again my G.uarding Angel
Great article, and a timely one for me today. Early today I was wondering if I was getting old and maybe to old to be riding. I saw a busa rider rolling down the highway in a t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. And, I thought "thats stupid" he should have on some protective gear if he's gonna roll at those speeds on the highway. Then I thought maybe I'm just getting old and becoming "too safe" since I always at least wear a riding jacket, gloves, and jeans or my riding pants.

So thanks for reminding me that I'm not "getting old", but just "old enough" to know that anything can happen on a bike and its best to be prepared as best I can.

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