Something from Rome

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

How did they keep all those Italian bikes running that long?

Here's the clip that settled my Italian bike purchase for me. Disregard this toolboxes rather um... eccentric line through the corner and turn the volume up. :thumbsup:

The Moto Guzzi does display one "classic" Italian bike habit though. She marks her territory. I dunno yet if it's just from the breather or what but after a decent ride, I get one or two drops of oil under her. Not too concerned and she's under warranty, but I found it pretty damn funny.

The Dry clutch takes some getting used to as well. Otherwise, it's comfy, cool, and different. I park this thing in amongst a bunch of sportbikes or Harley's and folks will walk right past them to get a look at the Griso. Something to be said for being on the weird bike with the engine in there sideways.
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The Dry clutch takes some getting used to as well.

Do you get people pulling up next to you at a light and rolling down their windows to yell, " HEY YOUR BIKE IS MAKING A HELL OF A NOISE. IS IT BROKEN?"

I just yell back, "IT'S NOT BROKEN. IT'S ITALIAN!"
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