Somebody's going to do it...

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One of the machinists at work already mentioned it. He saw my shirt and said, "Oh yeah, they make great fishing hooks"


I can see it now, we'll all be standing somewhere for a group photo and some passerby will ask, "So, y'all work fer that fishin' hook company?" Take the picture then, we'll all be laughing.
Then we'll point to the group of bikes and he'll say, "Lordy Marge, they don't just make hooks, now they're making bikes too!"
Think of the irony of it all guys...May not be as misleading as one may think. Before anyone jumps my butt on this one, just think about it for a's not hard.

Sorry but I had to do it.

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really, I do hate this picture.
I liked the Tat.. sorry to hear that the dragon bit him... gotta be careful there .... the dragon bites hard