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Qatari activists held for a week over 'threatening' letter to French embassy | Doha News

My comment reattached here before it gets deleted there: This is a very common practice in Qatar. I was detained for 9 days after being lured to the Al Rayyan CID, being beaten by twelve cops and having over-tightened cuffs nearly sever a nerve in my left wrist. I was never given any piece of paper or allowed due process while in detention. The system of law in that country is a facade and when you are their target you will be taken under any circumstances. The international relationships being cultivated by Qatar are highly interdependent of Energy deals with QatarGas and the countries that it does dirty work for. Anyone want to guess how fat the contract is between France and QatarGas? Corruption and fascism at its finest is what causes these injustices to occur. Qatar's image in the world is gaining momentum in sports sponsorship and media as a tourism destination but it should be a destination for enslavement of foreign workers and abuse at the hands of the local gestapo marionette being controlled by dollar signs.

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