Some people are just beyond words


I'm driving to work today on the busa, making a left turn onto the I-75 access road from Renner (for those of you who know where that is). I had a green arrow, and I'm in the second lane from the left, both turn lanes.

In the middle of my left turn, some guy makes a right turn directly in front of me into my lane. He didn't stop for his red light, and didn't look, until I honked my horn.

I get up even with him and start yelling at him from under my helmet. I have a very dark shield, so he could not see anything that was going on. No hand signals, just pacing him yelling. He yells back, then says somethign to the effect (I'm not a good lip reader) "You want .... " and then INTENTIONALLY SWIRVES INTO MY LANE, LOOKING AT ME THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!

I cannot F'in believe that this guy could be so enraged at this incident that he is willing to kill somebody? For crying out loud, he was driving a family sedan, had on a dress shirt and tie, and he's gonna try and ruin both our lives because (for all he could tell) I paced his car and looked over at him?!

I know rage exists out there, but this just had me dumbfounded. I dropped back and I've got his liscense plate, does this warrant a call to the police?
Damn right it does. If for no other reason when he does kill someone it will have been recorded that he did that before. I make a habit to get the license plates of the cars around when something like that happens so if comes down to his word over mine I witnesses.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I carry 5 very large, jagged edged pieces of gravel in my jacket and in my tank bag for just such occasions as this.. I have been chased for no reason, the guy driving behind me laughing as he sees how close he could get. Nothing like a rock over the shoulder to get em to back off......
How long have you been in Dallas?

People are all bobos around here. Judgemental as hell and so willing to start road rage if you do something so 'offensive' as to honk at them.


I didn't know you were that close by. I live about half a mile from that intersection. I've seen a black/silver 2001 a couple times up the street, is that you perchance? I go to Palasades (USData/EpicRealms building) all the time to drag my knee around the one and only local corner. This place is too flat for me.


I just want to vent something...I REALLY REALLY HATE VANS!! Are they blind, deaf, or both? The never see anyone, cut people off like crazy, especially when driven by women (sorry) who always have big smiles on their faces, and are without a care in the world. Come on, how can they not see my bike white truck?
I saw a van yesterday just forced its way between an 18-wheeler and a sedan, this stupid driver almost caused an accident. The van was moving into the fast lane, but slowed way down, when it got there.
No offense ment towards any of you who drive vans, as long as your not soccarmoms(no matter waht sex you are). And yes I know I'm very steriotypical. But, can someone tell me why 90% of vans i see drive like this?