Some Lovely things...Photos I have taken...


Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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Orchids, Yeah this is what I do with the Goverments equipment when I am not at work...

Rainbow Calcite...Ring From Wales...

Would you like to see more???

Rev... dude... I'm really startin' to get concerned about you. Flowers? :super:

Just kiddin' man. I've taken pics of things other than my busa and my gear. Even flowers... Would never post 'em here tho! :laugh:

I'll post a few of mine for yer viewing, ummm, pleasure. ;)

We'll start with the three tenors. These guys were singin' their azz off. Wonder if they realized they were on the wrong end of the spotlights?

Here's about as close as I'll get to a flower for this crowd. ;) Loved the lighting in this one...

Another "lovely thing" that's not busa related. It is so relaxing to go and shoot photos of these guys at the local park.  :cool:

Here's one I like to call "beautiful nap". If you can look at this and not get a nice peaceful feeling, something is wrong. :D

Oh yeah, I meant to say that your pics are really nice. I got caught up in givin' you a hard time about it and forgot to compliment you on them. Great photos. :super:
Sweet Pics Train, That Fly is cool. Now here is something funny (Maybe). Equipment wise a mix but largely a Minolta Dimage 7I Digital, and an older Nikon 880.

My advice, do not buy a Minolta Digital. It's nice but those flowers were shot with the Nikon. I have the best luck with Nikon and Canon.
Bullet, What equipment do you use?
All of these were made with either a Canon EOS 1D or EOS 10D. I don't have either camera now. Sold the 1D because it was extreme overkill for my uses, put the money down on the busa. Sold the 10D because the photos from it required to much post processing to get what you see here.

Now I have a mint used Canon D60 that I picked up a couple weeks ago from a friend. The photos are great straight out of the camera and it uses the same lenses I had with the other two cameras. The D60 is perfect for my uses. My current lenses are a Canon EF 28-70L zoom (excellent zoom) and a Canon EF 100 2.8 Macro. Both are very sharp lenses.
ALL of these pics are great!

Train, your female is beautiful! :thumbsup:
Ain't she, though? That little girl turned up on the front porch of my home just after I finished building it and moved in. I opened the front door one morning and she was layin' on the door mat. She was nothin' but skin and bones, extremely emaciated. Could see her hip bones pokin' up and could count her ribs through her fur. Looked like she could barely move. She was pitiful. She ran off that day but the next day she was there on the mat again. That day she stuck around long enough for me to get some meat outta the fridge to give 'er. After that it was friends for life. She is super schweet. :cool: