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Some of you have seen these but for those that have not.

This one was made for me when I was in Cuba last year.

Here is the movie:

And here is the dedication:  

"Well I was happy to get a couple notes from Guantanamo Bay. Here is the 1st letter I got. The person who wrote it said I could post it, if I removed his name and some other things, but here it is:

I am a (rank removed) stationed at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.  I visit the camp daily and I just wanted to say that the Al Qaida Cam cartoons and the Martyr Machine cartoon have  brought great laughter to our troops here.  Your cartoons are so opposite and therapeutic from what really goes on here.  These "Detainee's" are treated better in some ways then the people who guard them.  (some people) are so much more concerned with how the "Detainee's" are treated and could care less about the Soldiers and Marines guarding the camp.  (section removed)
Anyways, just wanted you to know that maybe you have touched a subject that really is important and have made a bit if a difference in the morale and welfare of real people who have left there homes to do this messy mission.
Thanks for the laughs and keep them coming.
(name and rank removed)"

Here is a link to the first long Al Qaida Cam movie:

And the famous Martyr Machine movie:

Now, you have to understand that I hated these people and how well they were treated.  Our soldiers and Marines ate one hot meal a day and two meals were MRE's.  The detainee's had special meals made that cost over $10 per meal and were getting the best medical treatment in the world.

Ack, I started this post to be fun.  Sorry.