Solar panels installed and working


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You guys have to be tired of me talking about wind and solar projects... I can't help it I am excited! I have been researching, planning, saving and working towards getting some sort of renewable energy for the house... I have been installed solar panels at my house over the past week or so and today I had my first live power run... With 6 panels I was making 48 amps at 24 volts.. I have 8 installed now with 2 more to go, I just can't wait until I get them all installed and working.... zz1.jpg

That's cool stuff. :thumbsup:

Diana and have been wanting to get something outof the city and not be dependent on anyone.
will that run your whole house and what is the cost ? I hear you get a nice beak from the gov on them
So long term how much will it cut your electric bill, just wondering?
im going to set up solar heating for my pool this summer...will have to see how well it works
very cool, looking forward to seeing the finished product and how it all pans out :beerchug:

i'm also very glad it is you wiring all of that up and not me! :lol:
So you have 6 panels with 48 amps, with 4 more to get up and running. You should be able to almost completely offset your load from the utility. Can you calculate savings in real time with your panel?