So the story starts-Chapter1 she comes home


Well I picked the bike up and after a week it is still on my truck. Only because the truck goes in the garage and the bike wont fit with the truck, and my other bike is still here because I had a dead beat bidder on EBAY {no time to relist it yet}.
Ebay can be a pain in the @ss, I figured I would put a super low buy it now and get a fast buy, well I did get A FAST BUY BUT NO PAY....
Anyway thats not what this post is about, I am happy to say my new addition to the famil is here..

I am going to take pics of the whole process so these are the first of it on my truck, and the 240 Kit came the other day, so theres some pics of that and the wheels, Theturbo is going to take 3 WEEKS

But the undertail the undertail, swingarm setup, sliders, chrome kickstand, calipers, and discs should be all bolted on shortly...
Thanks for reading through , I hope my pics work..
Oh and if you are wondering the 240 kit is from Mike Arch and looks awesome, {plus best price ever seen}, hes the man...



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nice bike, it will be super sharpe when you install everthing. i am intrested in you turbo install, sounds like something i might do next year.


I havent nailed down a turbo choice yet, I am between getting a stage 1 RCC or a stage 1 that burt has been working on. But the guy from fast may want to trade me a stage 2 for my old busa... SO Im not positive yet...


We are actually gpoing to record the whole process, turbo install swingarm , everything that goes on or comes off of this bike is going to be recorded, and Im sure there will be a few shots of it facing north


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Congrat! Nice looking bike or Bikes I should say! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with Ebay, they are getting worse and worse with problems like you had.


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Sounds like a pretty cool project. It will be fun to watch the progress through the pics you post.


Well almost have all the parts now..
Swingarm kit w/ wheels
Braided brake lines
rear hand brake kit
Chrome rear brakes and chrome front calipers
Chrome drivers sets
Chrome passanger sets with the exhaust hoops cut from both sides
Chrome kick stand
Black tank bra
Black levers
Black lowering tree
threaded lowering lnks
Black dub bub shield
Black frame sliders
Black pig spotter mirrors
Emission block off plates
Black plate bracket for swingarm

And the fun stuff
Streetfighter turbo kit
and I just ordered the Zeitronix LCD wideband datalogger
Just waiting for the rear tire {wont be in untill January sometime}
The turbo to come in {probably a couple more weeks}
Then maybe Ill get some chrme grips and bar ends...
So more updates will come when the rest of the parts are here and we put her on the lift..
Total cost so far is $17,800
Thanks for reading


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How much are you looking to get rid of your old Busa? PM me with details.

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