so sexy.... safe for work.


Well after lusting over my dads busa since 2001 for my 21st birthday I bought myself this to tide me over... its no busa tho. One day I'll have a bus of my own, I still really like the copper back from 99 and got me eye out for a used one if any of you guys know about one near california thats for sale.
nice color.........
OH Man That SUCKS, IT Must be such a DRAG to Have to "settle" for a Brand new ZX636...I dunno how you can stand it...<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>NOT</span></span>

Nice Bike Man, I don't think I would have minded to much having a new 636 when I was 21, and hey you got the right Color.  Everyone, knows that Black is the fastest color.  Looks good. Enjoy, oh and a wear a helmet...and...yadda...Yadda
I agree with Revlis on this one. OH, YOU POOR THING! LOL! No, it's not a Busa but it is one hell of a bike. It will also save you a small fortune in insurance until you're 25 and/or married. Enjoy it man, and be safe.
I used to be worried when I was younger that cars and bikes, fast ones anyways would be non existent in the future. But lately the hp numbers have only been going up and the looks only getting better. So I figured Id just get the 600 for now, save on insurance and what not and wait a few years cause things are only getting better and faster.
can you give me a review of that bike, Im search for a bike for my girlfriend to ride. How is the bike?

Oh, almost forgot, congrats on the ride! Now go kill some hondas, hehe. Im kinda loony today.

Im only 19, and I purchased a Busa. Was this a bad move
There is a review of it in last months cycle world magazine. Actually its probably the May issue. Don't really know, its on my desk out at work. Anyway, any of the 600's are quick enough, it's just a matter of which one does it for you. They are so close in horsepower, acceleration and top speed I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

so_cal, you just enjoy that mean machine. There will be plenty of time to throw a leg over a 1300 speed king. Personally, when I was 18 - 21 I know that the way I used to ride back then I would have killed myself on a busa. As it was, I was sent to the hospital three times by not respecting the power of a 600. Just take it easy and get a good feel for the bike and what it, and you are capable of. No need to push it.

Y'all be safe
Odyssey- I can give you a short review, its really light and quite a bit taller than the busa. The seat is way to sloped downward, downhill and braking is killer if you catch my drift. Braking performance is really good. Alot of guys didnt like the stock suspension they said it was really hard but Im 5'10" and a solid 210 so it feels good to me. That being said I ride on a lot of rough roads and on hard out of corner accleration there is some head shake that bothers me, there is a damper in my future. It hurt my wrists really bad when i got it but that went away after about a week of riding. I havent really ripped on it yet, im at 800 and some miles. Ive had it up to about 14k of the 15.5k it has but max power on dyno charts shows it peaking at 12.5k so i usually shift by then. It comes up in first no problem, second takes some work but im riding at almost 5000 foot elevation so that robs some power.
My main gripe is that it smashes my balls on braking and downhills. Other than that im satisfied.
A great looking bike and (by all accounts) a top performer. Would like to have a blast on one myself. Enjoy and be careful!
LOL! Just wait until you are cruising a nice horn-mono and you have to bring the nose down in a hurry. Your pebbles will meet the tank in a most unfriendly fashion. OUCH!
Good looking bike Brah...Glad to see that Kaw is finally coming out of the Twilight Zone...You'll enjoy it...Just a reminder "Don't even try to freak with a Busa"...
Yo Stunnah,
My Buddy has been a 10.11 with nothing more than some Nutech fuel.
Might suprise a few Busas.

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8 pad radial brakes!

Wicked wicked dash with computer bits and all.

spanking titanium end can.

probably one of the best middle weights around (certainly one of the lightest!). I WANT ONE.