So pissed scratched and scuffed


Can believe this! Wish I would have never rode today... Wife on the back and stopped on the hill... She shifted weight now I have scrapes on my left side! So pissed!
I'm about to buy my wife a old 600 katana so I can get her off the back of mine before the same happens. ;) I get uncomfortable with a passenger and she shifts quite a bit. I'm sure it can't be to comfortable as a passenger either, shes tired after a 20min ride.... Luckily my wife is willing to take on the experience of riding her own. Sorry for your damage, ride on!
Whats wrong with a little character? I too like to keep my bike nice, but if she just scuffed it with her boot or something that kind of stuff is going to happen. Be happy she is riding with you and sharing your love of the bike. Did you drop the bike or something?
Yup I dropped the bike and have damage to the right side front fairing and mirror if you are sitting on the bike. Which I think is the best profile of the bike. I've been trying to get her to get a bike but she's not inclined to do so. I can't blame it all on her... I was just so mad last night that it happened but I should have just followed my first mind and just chilled at home. It happened so quick. Note to self if you say you're not ridding then don't ride! My 2013 is no longer perfect but neither am I!
i had an almost moment when i first got my and my wife were going for the first 2up ride and it was the end of winter so lots of sand was still on the ground and when she was getting on i lost my footing and started to fall but by the grace of god i was able to save it at the last second...
Took a morning look and scratches about a 3" x 4" area on lower front fairing with a small crack!... Covered some scratches with a yoshimura sticker that came with my pipes.
First time i put mine down i ended up with a broken collar bone.... but we are still together! 1397 and 200hp later shes still my pride and joy.
You can get a new replacement from Justin at Honda East, be SURE and tell him you are from the oRg.
Sorry to hear but just another reminder, if you aren't comfy with a passenger or can't support the weight DO NOT ride with a passenger...
I agree with you on the passenger part. We've ridden several times before but was just shocked on the shift. I found the white fairing piece the covers the oil pan thing for like 200.00 on ebay... Now just looking for the grey fairing piece. That thing is hell of expensive!!!!!
My first time down resulted in a broken tibia, meniscus disc, and torn acl...I could not walk for a year! So I've been through that. Luckily this was a drop while stopped and all I'm dealing with is cosmetics. Which is driving me crazy. It appears this will be a 600.00 lesson.
Trade that passenger in on a smaller model and you'll be fine in the future! :dunno:

Riding with a passenger is a learned skill.
Passengers have to be trained as well. They think that when you're stopped they can safely do any adjustments, but I always tell them not to move when stopped unless they give you some warning first. I explain that when stopped you are "balancing" 900lbs with your toes. Steady state at speed is the safest time to move and never when going around a corner. It makes sense when explained but is not intuitive for a non-experienced person.
Yup I dropped the bike ...... It happened so quick. Note to self if you say you're not ridding then don't ride! My 2013 is no longer perfect but neither am I!
I know how bad it sucks, man. Never dropped teh busa with anyone on it but dropped her twice parked. DO NOT TRUST the sidestand. Do a search for kickstand mod. X2 if you get a T-Rex sidestand on there.

Just make sure you always park the bike in gear and roll the bike FORWARD until you feel the gearbox stop the bike.

Just to be extra careful, never let the bike idle in N supported on the sidestand. Had mine parked (f*cking facing uphill, even) and it just fell over.

Your in over a grand for side, lower and tail pod. Replace mirror and bar end weight with a bar end mirror....they can be had very cheap and they look a lot better, too.

You prolly have little or no damage to the nose so just touch up if necessary.

Everything else is okay. If the new fairings seem to be fitting poorly, then you may need to replace the fairing stay. Mine was not damaged in my two 0 mph tips so yours must be fine too.

If you have no tabs busted off, you might get quotes on a total repaint.

DO NOT buy fairings from private individuals off of Ebay. I cam eso close to getting reamed that way. A-holes selling aftermarket fairings that are crap. Any cheap aftermarket panels like Auctmar will fly off the bike over 70 mph so I hear. There may be nice CF panels available but they do not weighg much less than plastic. Get OEM plastic.

Call Honda East Toledo for OEM fairings----ask for Justin----tell him you are a member. Get over with and behind you. Don't sweat your baby is still every bit of the beast she always was on the inside.
hmm maybe its just me but that would have to be one hell of a shift to make me drop the bike just sitting there with feet on the ground. Actually with my feet down i dont think it is possible to drop the bike. How the heck did it hit the ground?
Are there any products that will protect a 'Busa in such a tip over? I scratched the heck outta my right side when I tipped it over while trying to lift bike on a rear wheel stand. Working alone...didn't have it level...once it started over, it was a sick feeling!

Anyhow, I've got Canyon Cages from MC Enterprises - tip over protection bars on my Kawasaki Concours. Supposed to be very effective at preventing damage from lowspeed or no speed tip overs. (Hope I never have to test them!)

Any such thing for our beloved 'Busas?
There is a stator cover protector plate and no cut crash sliders made by T-rex. Sliders protrude from the side vents. I imagine there would always be some contact with teh lower and there is no getting around busting off the control lever. The tail pod is gonna touch too and that is over $100 right there. The mirror will most likely hit the ground too.

Be careful and be totally anal about how you park the bike....I really love the way my T-rex stand looks and it saves half the weight of the OEM but I see it most likely was more responsible for my tip overs than I was. The foot does not sit flat to the ground and it is rounded both of which encourage the bike to roll forward when on the stand. I am so careful, it was the T-Rex stand, not me. I will be doing something to mod that thing....maybe it stands more securely if you adjust it for a lowered bike but for stock height....BE SUPER CAREFUL mind above tips about parking.
I feel your pain. I tipped my new yellow 13 the day after I got it. Scuffed the right side up, bit the bullet, paid the dumba*s tax and bought both new fairing pieces, 670.00. 45 miles, I had to fix it right.
CW, I did the same thing with my new 2013, the feeling is terrible when you hear the crunch. never will I try to put it on the rear stand by myself again, cost me 900 to fix it right.