So long Brothers and Sisters


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Well Its been a real fun run. I will still be lurking out here......Busa-less. I sold her today. Just getting the "gut" feeling to stay off her for the past few months or so. I better listen to the gut. I will miss her though, but I will be back someday...

Keep your eyes on EVERYONE cause they're out to run you over, and keep the rubber side down and the smiles on your faces.

Thank you all for the great times. :beerchug:


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yah stay around my busa was stolen last september and im still here lol. i made alot of friends on here so... no reason to leave.


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Peace, bro! Good luck with whatever your plans are, but feel free to stick around.

Trust your gut... If things go the way you're thinking they will, then you're good. If they don't then you're just safer...

Be well!
Hey, You did the right thing, Always trust your gut feeling no matter what, you get those feelings for a reason,and its not crazy to go with that feeling at all.. Great job rider. I also hope you get the gut feeling to stay here at the Org with us, I'm sure your advice,and knowledge of the Busa will help other riders also, and that kinda stuff dont come in a hand book, so I'm sure your presants will still be needed here ( rider or not ) .. Anyway, good luck to ya,and I hope you stay with us.. Much love to ya, from ur fella sista ;))
It's a sad day when you have to sell your 'busa. It is a good thing to go with your gut feeling. It is what saved me 2 1/2 years ago when a car struck me on the freeway while changing a tire on my car.


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You don't have to own a busa to hang out here. You just have to love guys like Semi, BA Busa, CharlesBusa, GMBusa and other like reprobates.

:D :laugh: :poke:



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If it was a gut feeling you messed up getting rid of it couldn't have been a some bad food, a stomachache, virus been going around:whistle: If some bad experience out on the road has you expecting the worse you did the right thing good call:thumbsup: sides Busa's will always be around in some way shape or form you can always climb back on. And post up there is no loitering aloud here.:laugh:

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