So, I've been riding turbo for a while - man, what a feeling!


Of course, installed and tuned by Frank @Power House Motorcycles. The most amazing part is how smooth the power comes up. Rides like a stock bike, but as you start rolling it on, instead of lazily adding speed, the thing starts pulling more and more. No difference in turns compared to stock bike - same power and predictability. I haven't tried WOT yet - pulling as hard as I am happy it to be. Being a conservative rider becomes a real challenge.

About the only thing that took some getting used to was the extra engine braking. Rolling off the throttle should be done smoothly - not abruptly.

Just love it! Frank, can you hear me? Thank you, man.
Awesome dude. I'm going to a 2 Busa system...3 ultimately. 1 modded as the DD. 1 turbo'd. 1 blinged out. :laugh:

I'm glad to hear you get to blast around on a smooth "streetable turbo"....I'm envious. :bowdown:

You've been on here a long time. 10 years. :thumbsup:

Enjoy the hell outa that thing. And hit us with some pics and video. :race:

As I'm about to be a "street turbo Busa guy", your post was really appreciated, thank you for that!
Do you live anywhere in the Powerhouse area? I do and I'd be stoked if you let me see it and ride with you a bit because I'm considering going turbo. Thanks and enjoy regardless. Nic
Hey guys, thanks for a strong positive reaction. I was cautious posting about it keeping in mind that not everyone can afford one, and trying not to sound like I was bragging.

RSD, I will provide more insight as we discussed - in the post that you started. I hear you about adding a turbo bike. You know for some strange reason I am a single bike guy. Just don't see myself having more than one. It's like I am focusing all my love for riding on the only bike, no matter where I take the bike. Even if I could afford. Yes, I've been here for a long time, since I started on Katana 600. My '01 got flooded during Sandy - along with two cars, and the entire house. Progressive did good on a bike. The adjuster was going around the bike, begging me what else he could add to the claim so that I get bigger payout. He included the alarm, TPMS, Micron full system, PC, and some other aftermarket stuff. All in all, I got more than $7k check. Adding the money I saved over a period of time, there I was having around $12k for a new bike. Long story short, for that money I could get a late Gen 2, or Gen 1 plus a turbo. The latter was a no brainer, especially considering the fact that for the same money turbo on Gen 1 gets your further than on the latest Gen 2.

I ride solo, have no one to brag to, and no one to show off. So, the sleepr fits me perfectly. When I take her to the track, I'm sure tech will notice, but otherwise I don't want everyone to see that it's a turbo bike.

Merlot, no need to be jealous. You already have the cake so-to-speak, but no icing. I had the same cake, but got the icing on top. That's all, LOL.

Raydog, all I can say you will LOVE it.

snbusa, I live in Wantagh - probably 10 min from you by car, and 5 min by bike, LOL. PM me and I am sure we can hook up. I won't let you ride the bike, but you can sit and look. We can go for my regular 20 mile loop.

Tuff, I know your opinion about turbo on the track. While you may be right for the general riding audience, my first hand experience tells me that I will love it and will have no issues. I never coast through turns. The entire power feels like for let's say 2000 cc bike. It is smooth and predictable - if you keep the throttle steady, the power stays steady; if you keep rolling the throttle, the power delivery increases smoothly and incrementally. The only difference is when you ask for more, it really continues to give more. Smooth throttle inputs completely eliminate turbo lag. So, powerwise it's like I am riding a MotoGP bike, LOL If anything, thanks to a greater engine braking after you roll the throttle off, it's like the bike has an automatic rear brake when you shut off the throttle before the turn. Once the front brake is applied, the engine braking goes away. Even MotoGP technology does not have an automatic rear brake, helping to settle the suspension before getting on the fornt brake.

I glanced on the turbo gauge a few times, and have a few interesting observations. If just cruising on the highway, there is no turbo effect - the vacuum stays at -10 psi. On a regular bike, as you start getting on the throttle, the vacuum would continue staying the same. However, on a turbo bike it GRADUALLY goes positive: -5 psi, 0 psi, 3 psi, 5 psi, etc. That's what makes the power so smooth! It doesn't just switch the turnbo ON. It is a very gradual transition which translates into a smooth power delivery - like you would have with a bigger engine. When shutting the throttle off, the vacuum goes straight to -20 psi and stays there for a while. I confirmed that it was normal. Maximum I've seen was 6 psi of boost. The bike is tuned for 9 psi producing 240 HP.

dadofthree, yes I am happy. Still can't believe I am riding a turbo bike.

Oh, BTW, before the turbo I could go 150 miles on a tank of gas. Now, it's 110 miles tops. On the track, I could go 90-100 miles on a tank of gas before the turbo. With the turbe - yet to find out. But like Frank from Power House said, he didn't want to hear anything about mileage and tires, LOL. I don't blame him, LOL

So, here are a few pictures.

Just your stock looking bike...



But a close look reveals the boost gauge, and the fact that the oil cooler is missing alltogether...



And, to prevent sliding back under acceleration - my own homemade back pad... If anyone wants one, let me know and I will give details on how to make it and attach.


Have to run out and get bagels for the family... Later guys.
:thumbsup: yup Frank Did mine and its Awesome.. Turbo is the way to go.. extremely street able.. but when you wanna get up and go, its see ya....
Riding a turbo bike is a unique ability, very few people in the world are riding one if you think about it. I have a very controllable, predictable and smooth turbo bike and I have never HAD to coast thru corners. I changed to a taller front sprocket so I can ride out of boost on cruising highway speeds and still get an average of 35.48 mpg, and I have a speedohealer correctly calibrated to my gearing. I know my max, min, average and last mpg because I use the app called "mpg tracker" on my Iphone.

IG - if your using 6# of boost you might take a look at this gage. Smaller scale and its dampened internally so the needle does not bounce around.

The gage is the same size as yours it appears. This is my setup.
megawatt, thanks for the suggestion about the gauge. I am Ok with the one I have. The only reason I saw 6# because I don't go WOT yet. The turbo is tuned up to 9#.

frisbee, you gotta work at it, LOL. Think of a plan, and keep convincing your wife how important it is for you.

Hey Nic! It was nice meeting you, and thanks for good time and a nice ride. Yeah, I pulled on you a few times, but hey, a little voice in my head keeps saying "Just go for it!". I resist most of the time... LOL. Talk to you later, my friend.
What turbo kit you all have?
I have a ghetto kit i bought many years back but I never installed it.
I have a 99 and an 08 busa now. I hate to do the 99 because it's a 99.... Haha...
I'd like to get an 03 newer and turbo it. Maybe ill just put it on the 99 and enjoy it