So finally hit the 500 mark

Yep, if you want a really fast bike, break it in as below quote. Motoman is a racing sport bike mechanic. Go read what he has to say. I have a long story during the 70's with honda bikes and a guy who had consistently year after year, bike after bike, the fastest anywhere in the state, proven!! Basically same break in. I did it to my new 2002 busa and had the fastest busa in the state of Louisiana, proven!! beat the so called fastest by 15 car lengths and he had every add on for speed money could buy and I was total stock, even the exhaust
Ride it like you stole it from the beginning. I have on everyone i have bought.

I'm not going to disagree with most of his break in suggestions, but he is off base on his description of modern manufacturing. Yes, closer tolerances and CNC, but robots aren't doing the machining. Also, he says engines are hot tested for 50, 100, or even 200 km which is really wrong. It is common for high volume engine manufacturers to not do ANY hot testing.
Under 4000 RPMs for 500 miles? :shocked:That's crazy talk. My bike when it arrived had 0 miles on the odometer. I rode it for 3 miles and did a leak down to get a base measurement. It was pretty consistent between cylinders reading between 8 and 10%. Rode it very aggressively keeping the RPM's under 8000 for 21 miles. Did another leak down, all cylinders under 6%. Done, break in complete. I then did all the mods, pipe, Power Commander, flash the ECU , raise the RPM limiter and off the the dyno. Engine break-in over 100 miles is a lie #FakeNews
absolutely... busa motors with very few miles on them regularly see 600 hp on a dyno after a build.....
too each their own I have been breaking in bikes the old fashioned way for over 40 years and i have never had a bike burn oil or be down on power . My last ZRX was factory rated at 96 or 98 HP . I for get which when i dynoed it with 70,000 kilometers on it i was making 99 So while Dynos differ it is close enough for me . +or- 2 pound with a thread in compression tester on a compression test . I guess when i get around to doing a dyno on the busa we shall see how things go :) . but i am also one of those who will never miss a few ponies if i do not get the max lol .
I'm always pretty careful running my bikes in , mainly because I got a lot riding on the fact , that if I stuff it or anything for that matter to do with the bike , I have to pay up , to fix it . I ain't no mechanic , so I be careful and all my bikes have come out making good power .
But now I see Turbo Robs guide to run in ... well my next time , I'm going to just get it out on the road asap , and rev the 'its off it , in every gear I can !! :thumbsup: :rolleyes:
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