snomobile in july?

Mr Bogus

Trouble Makers Inc.
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to the tune of mid 8's in the quarter at Muncie... Some pretty fast sleds..


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I've seen them run at Great Lakes Dragway here in WI. Some of them absolutely fly down the track


As a matter of fact at a place near here called jensen's grove in blackfoot they will be having drag races across the water with them :thumbsup: They also drag them across dirt too...check youtube.....there are clips of all of these kinds of things. Pretty amazing!


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i have a stock 700 polaris that runs in the mid 11s at 110 mph in the 1/4, and my 800 runs mid 10s stock .this is just changing to an aspault track and skis,its just as fast on the snow also. you should see them going across the water :laugh:

2009 sled (Small).jpg


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Be carefull if you race one. it just may make you look silly. There aare a few that run at my local 1/8th mile. I dont wanna run 'em


Lily's Daddy
someone brought two of them on alchohaul out to our track(ihra) about 3 weeks ago, track owner wouldnt let them run...could be the tech guys didnt know what to look for, could be no kill switch lanyard


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our local track considers them in the bike class,our track likes to run bikes and sleds together for safety. but when elimination comes around car ,bikes ,sleds run together.
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