sneek peek... crappy cell phone pic

So my wife gave in and sent me one picture of the bike... I am getting a few things installed and getting it painted so it will be all set for the day I get home... It looks orange in the pictures but its red but the wife said it is kinda a weird red. I cannot wait to get home and see it!!

I lied she sent me another one... our intenet back home isnt working so its a cell phone picture off of the computer screen... Every one should post quaility pictures like these!!


As of today i have 18 days of work then i am home on the 17th of August but i get to stay in my hooch till i have to leave this HUGE SAND BOX FOR GOOD! WOO WHOO And man im guessing i might be going to the Fall Bash as well. So your gonna have to get ahold of me when i get back so we can go rideing!

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