Small problem


I like to ride my Hayabusa alot Maybe its me but I must shift alot the transmission seems harder than my 1100 . Sometimes I cant downshift more than one gear without letting out the clutch . Heres a pic
of my shoes notice the toeholeitis I am getting

You might want to look into a pair of steel toed boots. They'll save your big toe. It looks like you're almost through the shoe and then your toe is going to look like that, Ouch.
I put on about 800 miles last weekend going to Canada and I went to Bar Harbor this weekend was a nice ride checked ot an old fort and stuff took my girlfriend with me this time she did some shopping still ended up with 230 miles on it this weekend I cant help it its a blast and Acadia on Mount Desert Island is a nice ride twisties all around the water woohoo
that is what comes withe the miles. Enjoy!! get your self some shoe saver straps.
I just sold my 02 Katana 600 to get my Kat had 6400 miles on it and was 4 months old. I've had my Busa 4 days tomorrow morning and I had my 600 mile service this guys need to come to Texas...we ride down herr. :usa:
Hank, I do the same thing 100 miles a day back and forth to work. But you got me me beat on the weekends. When I traded in my 600 I had about 31000 miles on it. I had it for just about 2 1/2 years. I thought that the mileage was going to hurt me but the salesman was impressed. He was glad to see someone that actually road his bike.
I had about 32000 on my 750 and 62000 on my 1100 when I sold them I love to ride my Busa I have had for almost a year (in Maine thats 6 months riding time hehe) and I put 7200 miles on her . This is the most fun bike I have ever owned for sure
Too much riding? I had 73k miles on my '93 GSXR 750 when I sold it and bought my '02 'Busa last October and I have 11k on it now. Too much fun maybe, or is that possible?
OK maybe not to much riding but that damn shifter is going to wear my boot out hehe Has anyone heard of an Electric device that cuts the motor out for a second so you can speed shift better. My friend had one on his 1100 and it worked great you pull up on the shifter and it cut the ignition for a sec and it would go right in the other gear without letting off the throttle . Are they a bad idea have you seen them hurt anything etc good or bad ?????