Small air box mod

Don Hardcastle

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Here are a couple of pictures of the bottom of my air box when I got finished. No pics of the top. You guys know what that looks like.

I fabb'd a disk from the flapper, pulled the rubber plug out and used some shavings from the top and my butane heat shrink torch to fill the hole.

I sanded the disk down smooth, put epoxy on the bottom, placed it then filled the top with the rest of the epoxy for a airtight seal.

If I have enough thermo-tec heat shield left after I get finished with the fairings. I am going to cover the bottom of the air box. That would reduce the ambient temp in there and cooler air in the intake is always better.

Let me know what you think, especially about covering the air box with heat shield.


Actually looks pretty good. Heatsheild is an interesting idea... what all do you plan to cover - just the botom of the box or are you going to try surrounding the sensor and the bodies as well?
As far as what gets covered it depends on how much heat shielding I have left after the fairings. The heat shield that I have reflects up to 2000 F ambient heat and the more of the box I can cover, the better it will be. I will post pics after I get it done.