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i am ready to purchase a kit and have been looking around and what do you guys think about the kit that slowboy racing makes you can even keep the oil cooler and the turbo is water cooled as well any opinions would be great here is the description from their site
This is a complete kit here folks! In street form the kit produces nearly 100 hp over stock and an additional 30 ft/lbs of torque to the rear wheel at 5-6 psi. With modification to the motor (i.e. block spacer, head gasket, or completely built motor) this exact kit can produce 300 hp to the wheel on race fuel and water injection and nothing else! Optional turbos (Evo III 16g, Bastard 20g, TDO6H 50 trim) along with drop in injectors will be enough for you to produce those big horse power numbers!

Click Here for dyno graph after the turbo kit.

This is the complete kit. Unlike competitors you get it all the for the price of $3650. This means you get to keep you oil cooler for no extra charge and you get a blow off valve included in the kit. TBR intake and exhaust manifold, Mitsubishi small 16G, Tial 38mm external waste gate, Walbro 255 fuel pump, Fuel Pressure regualtor, and Dynojet Power Commander get this party started.

Bone stock our dyno said our Busa made 147 hp and 90 ft/lbs of torque. At six pounds of boost the bike made 242.99 hp and 120.79 ft/lbs of toque. Check out the dyno graph above.

Kit includes:
Mitsubishi small 16G
TBR custom stainless steel exhaust manifold
TBR custom intake plenum
Tial 38mm waste gate
Dynojet Power Commander with custom TBR map
Forge Blow Off Valve (standard)
Charge pipe (from turbo outlet to intake plenum)
TBR oil feed and return line
Walbro 255 lph intank fuel pump with installation instructions
Fuel pressure regulator and fuel lines
Fuel pressure regulator block off
Oil cooler lines
Stewart Warner 0-15 psi boost gauge
Turbine inlet and outlet gaskets
Pod Style Air Filter

The exhaust manifold is made from our very own Custom TBR Exhaust flange, Mitsubishi 7 cm inlet flange and 1.65 inch 304 stainless steel tubing. The turbo is the reliable and EVER popular mitusbishi 16g. The stock waste gate actuator and flapper have been scrapped to make way for a Tial 38mm waste gate. Porting has been done to allow enough exhaust gases out to run low levels of boost (5-6 psi) This setup clears all important objects such as the oil filter, radiator, oil cooler, coolant lines, and most importantly the engine block. This yields an absolutley beautiful street/strip turbo kit in the end.

The intake plenum is made from 6061 aluminum and welded to perfection. Drilled and tapped for the stock air temperature sensor. Inlets into the throttle bodies are 2 inches in diameter and bead rolled to ensure a good tight seal between the intake plenum and the throttle bodies. The inlet of the plenum is 2 inches along with the completely maderally bent 2 inch tubes which are also made of high quality aluminum.

The oil line kit consists of a custom built Goodridge supply line, a custom 10 mm banjo bolt to -4 line setup. Return line is a -10 push lock system with a heavy duty -10 bulk head fitting complete with sealing washer and crush washer.

One big difference between TBR kits and the competitors is the fact that the turbo is also water cooled. This means a great reduction in heat transfer from the turbine side of the turbo to the compressor side. Everyone knows that heat decresses effeciency and horsepower. The cooler the charged air temperatures... the more power and reliability! The TBR water llines are as easy as redirecting one pre-exsisting coolant line and splicing it.


honestly i bought a slowboy kit for my 1000.... TOTAL WASTE OF TIME, MONEY even after i contacted them to let them know what parts they left out the never sent them or tried to make it right.... I guess thats what i get for not goin with a better name


I bought my kit from SlowBoy, I was told not too but did anyway and only paid $3200.00.....Do not do it, they sell great car kits and have great tech support for cars but not bikes, the owner's brother sells the bike kits and is just sucking off his brothers company name. Buy from RCC!!!!!!! If i did it over again, I would!! If any questions send me a pm


I asked the same question about that kit and this is the answer I got:::

Burt is a great guy but I disagree with some things about this kit. For one it uses a 1:1 regulator, you will not get enough fuel for 6 psi with a 1:1 regulator and power commander. Then there is the quote below:

"One big difference between kits and the competitors is the fact that the turbo is also WATER COOLED. This means a GREAT reduction in heat transfer from the turbine side of the turbo to the compressor side. Everyone knows that heat decreases efficiency and horsepower. The cooler the charged air temperatures... the more power and reliability! The water llines are as easy as redirecting one pre-exsisting coolant line and splicing it."

Water cooling the center section does nothing for intake temps, so that statement is completely false. Also running your engine coolant through the center section puts extra stress on the factory cooling system of the busa, and we all know that it barley keeps up now. So you can make up your own opinion about that. The idea behind water cooling the center section was to help keep the oil from coking inside the bearing section. This problem is associated with automotive applications where under hood temps can skyrocket, especially with the turbo mounted close to the exhaust manifold. Bikes are not prone to this problem as the turbo is mounted cleanly in ambient air, the heat soaking of the turbo on a bike is nonexistant, hence no need for the water cooled center section.

But other then those few things looks like a good kit, but I do beleive it is the TBR and Slowboy kit, Burt may have done some upgrading to it,


That's from RCC


Do NOT use slowboy racing!! I had them install a turbo on my gsxr600.
Install? HA! the dude wrecked my bike! I brought it home and it didnt even start! They cut a bunch of shat off my bike and basically junked it. I had to take it to another shop to have them take everything off and start over. well see what happens, the bike is still getting fixed as we speak, over a month later.


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Thats what you get for NOT taking it to POWERHOUSE . . .:lol: your bike will never be the same!:stoopid:


I have heard great things about the RCC kit and I ordered one. I haven't installed it yet but only because I'm still in Iraq. I have talked to Richard at RCC several times and he has been great. I'd deal with him if I were you


Please God do not buy from anybody but "RCC,velocity,Big CC, and the custom kits that "PINKY" and "GSXturbo over at make"


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Talk to our sponsors. Goldenchild was the first to post so take him up on his offer to talk and point you in a direction. Talk budget and what you may need in dollars for the first year for up keep.


I purchased a turbo kit from Slowboy.
Nothing wrong with their product but just don't expect and help or support if you have questions or problems... " you are on your own"

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