Slipping Clutch 99 busa


Hi All
Had a problem with my clutch slipping a few weeks ago. ao I replaced all seal master and slave, cleaned pushrod, replaced all plates friction and steel and fitted a set of heavy duty springs. Seemed ok at first but still getting issue though not as bad, I've read that some people are changing there oil but no mention as to what viscosity, I am using 10/40 at the minute, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hey just to ask what is your bike doing when its slipping do you know it was the clutch ?
The engine is reving higher than it should be as I accelerate. Fells like when you slipping youre clutch, doesn't always do it though, thought a tfirst it was maybe a stickong piston in the slave but it was clean when I stripped it to put new seals in and seemed to work okay when i rebuilt it. ?
Did you measure the stack height of the new stuff? With the HD springs i'd put a slave support on it, pull your lever and see if the slave is flexing. I learned the hard way.