Wussup everyone...I have yet another question...I just bought a gixxer and I was wondering what everyone thinks of D&D pipes...but the thing is is its scratched a little and it bothers either gonna buff it and sand it, or maybe just buy another pipe...if I do, should I go with another D&D or maybe something else (but for a price that won't make me cringe!)...thanks, take care...

Personally I think that Yoshimura makes the best pipes for the Gixxer. However if your looking for a loud pipe I think D&D is the way to go. I haven't owned a D&D but I was told that the finish on them is not as good as the Yoshi. D&D is a good pipe though. So you have to get what your comfortable with.

If your just installing slip-ons then I would go with what ever you like, performance wise, it should'nt make much differance.
I did have a D&D carbon fiber can on a RF900R and I liked it.
If your talking full exhaust then you need to do a little research on what system works well with that bike and motor to produce some HP's.
No problem! Curtis T is right on the money as well though.

D&D's are decent, loud... maybe too loud, as slip-ons.

Two Bros, loudest availble, also obnoxious as hell, IMO.

Micron, look nice, lots of colors and types to choose, mellow note, not quite as much power, no experience with slip-ons, though

HMF, nice pipes, but I'd go all out and just get full if you're getting HMF

Yosh, slip-ons look nice, but they're also the quietest of the bunch, no experience with full systems
A friend of mine has a set of d&d slip ons
that he'll give me for 200.00 they got 200-300
miles on them . they're on a trike and he doesn't
like the sound . They're 2" slip-ons will they fit the
stock pipes ?
I have a full D&D on the busa and love the sound (very loud) and have a slip-on on the Katana. They are awesome exhaust.