slip on help???????

i brought a new/used my first busa and the exhaust on there is after market/single sided.the muffler itself is a D&D crap i don't know what the headers are.(it looks like he pieced a system together.I want to just get another slip on without replacing the entire system.What should i do or what can i do.
Help someone please.:cursin::cursin::please:

i added a few shots of the crappy muffler.



i dont want to by a set because i only need the right muffler.I will do what dadofthree said.
But the sights dont tell you the diameter of the mufflers outlet.
i measured the outer diameter of the mid pipe and it is 2inches is that a standard size for slip ons not bolt ons.

can some people measure there slipons and tell me what company and brand are 2inches. Thanks in advance.

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