SLICKS for the Hayabusa, an analysis


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Mr. Bogus suggested I do a mini write-up re: my experience with track riding with slicks....good idea.
I've never riden with slicks before.
I chose Michelin Pilots
front size=12/60/17 (about a 120)
rear size=19/69/17 (about a 200?)
medium soft
They are mounted on a second set of wheels/rotors with same sprocket size for a "no brainer" switch from street rubber for track days(thank you Mr. Bogus for hooking me up with the wheels).

The balance of the info is below:

A racer (last week) told me not to worry about tire warmers if the day is 85f or warmer, just go 80% for the first lap. When we arrived at the track the real experts (suspension and tire guys) said THREE laps before I let the hammer down. That convinced me to borrow warmers for the day...what a great idea! You take em off and enter the track and you are hammer time on turn one! The big thing about that is that, psychologically, you KNOW you are good to go.
The bike is slightly taller, on the big end (straightaways) when upright, there is the slightest "wander" due to smaller contact patch when fully almost isn't worth mentioning. The trade off, however, is mondo contact patches/adhesion when you are down with the bike, either gentle or on the edge cornering. There were some corners where I was modulating the throttle, leaned WAY over, and I found myself thinking of looking out over the approaching horizon, relaxing my grip, being smooth and NOT HARDLY THINKING of the actual corner I was currently in! Those of you that consider yourselves "high performance" riders will immediately know the benefit...for me, I've been freed up mentally, to deal with more information during the actual "combat situations"(those 100% focus times on the track). That means I'm safer, faster, more confident and really enjoying myself more on the track.
For those of you that know me, you know I love to do my silly little stoppies, well coming off the track I went to an unused area of the infield and OMG, I could bring the back of the bike up like a video game! The point of that is how much more braking you have with slicks.
I really enjoy my PP 2CT's on the street but I did have the rear "step out" on me at a previous warm track day....hence my moving to slicks.
Let me sum it up.....If you plan on doing 2+ trackdays a year, slicks will take you to a place you cannot get to with street tires, I'm so pleased with the results. I'm not a racer, I'm a 62 year old motorcyclist that wants to push my skill level as far as possible while adding commensurate amounts of SAFETY and PLEASURE. Slicks have asserted themselves as a major leap on that path.











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Thanks Doyle. Great write up:thumbsup:
Hope to do the same someday and use this info.
Looks like you really had a good time.

S-R Racing

Doyle, you need to work for some magazine!:thumbsup::bowdown: Thats a great write up,glad everything went well, your huge grin tells all- looks like you really got to the next level of pushing the edge:beerchug:


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nice write up Doyle, you looked very relaxed and if i can ever post my video of our sesson you will see that awesome lean angle. Im thinking about trying a set myself for our next trackday just see how it feels, i want to push it a little further .....i remeber at fernley how your rear got greasy and keeped steping out with the 2cts, but the slicks looked hooked up at every turn with that huge contact patch

Mr Bogus

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Old guys with bald heads and bald tires :rofl: oops slick heads and tires....

Does look like the tires take substantially less abuse than street/track tires.. (rubber wadded off sides is gone?) Got me itching to try them ...

Thanks for the write up! :)


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Very nice Doyle! :thumbsup: Hard to see but is that a Carrozzeria rear wheel Randy hooked you up with??
I knew eventually some astute viewer (you) would notice that. Actually, at the last minute the race shop guy here in Reno was puting the slicks onto the pair of OEM wheels when we realized we didn't have the "in between the bearings inner wheel axle spacer" to assemble the thing! (apparently I threw it in the box when I sold and sent away my original OEM wheels a year ago)
SO...the only thing we could do was temporarily install the slick onto my street CZ rear wheel since it was the day before Thunderhill!


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OK OK I just got back from a day of waterskiing....I'll get on it tonight! Doyle
when ya figure it out Doyle please help me with my vid im lost here and got some good video, i have no clue what im doing as usuall:laugh:

by the way, for those of you who dont know Doyle very good, weeeeeeel, hes just ole softy at heart :laugh::laugh:

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