Slick Willy is at it AGAIN!

Dudes seriously going to go down in far down remains to be seen.....and who he takes with him as well.....reminds me a lot of Hitler.
Slick Willy actually erased a deficit, actually George Bush 1 did, but slick got elected and got the credit. He also did welfare reform. If you go back about 6 years ago I was telling everyone to give President Obama a chance. Well , after 6 years this guy replaces Jimmy Carter as the worse president ever.

If you want to get a good dose of what Hollywood wants you to think, rent White House Down.

Come on Hillary :laugh:
he really could go down as the worst president in history. "you can keep your doctor as long as its a government appointed doctor"….:whistle: such a schmuck! once again, this is what you get when you elect some bafoon who has virtually ZERO governing experience. smh!
**GASP** Next thing he will tell us is This wasn't his idea Bush put him up to it......