Sleeved Tattoos... Negative today?

Sleeved Tattoos... Negative Today?

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Give me your perspective on tattoos, particularly, sleeved tattoos. Do you believe that sleeved arms carry a negative stigma these days as much as they used to? I've been toying with the idea if getting my arms covered for sometime now and just wanted to get the people's opinion.


Well, I have no personal issue with each their own, and all. However, I think i am probably in the minority there. A lot of people think sleeves = biker/hells/angel/child rapist/murder/etc.

Fair? not at all. But it is what it is. You can't change some peoples minds.

I have tattos (9 of them to be exact) but all mine are in places that you cant see when I'm wearing work clothes.


Right or wrong, ink is still largely considered unprofessional in society at large. While folks may no associate it with gangs, criminals, outlaws, rebels, etc.... they often do. Getting something as significant as sleeves is really only an issue in two ways:

a) You will limit you "short sleeve shirt" employment opportunities
b) Should ever decide that the ink was a mistake/regret, you'll be stuck, be it with the ink or scars.

PS: Take a lesson from the "50 Stars on here face" girl. :whistle:


People judge first impressions by appearance, and then by other qualities. Are we talking naked women, flames, skulls, Busa logo, or what? Its less of a stigma today.


Its less of a stigma because every candy azz has one, so they are no longer unique, especially in the sense that bad mother fukin sailors, murders, gang members and bikers use to wear them. :poke:


I have a full sleeve on one arm and a quarter sleeve on the other.
I'm also an IT professional. Most of the time I wear long sleeves to work.
Nobody has had any complaints when I don't wear long sleeves, and I pretty much always get positive comments.
Of course there aren't any skulls, nekkid women, or really anything to offend anyone. Just a Koi, Tiger, and Dragon. And associated background stuff.


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Since it's a personal choice, I don't mind. However, my company won't hire you if you are sleeved out; it's an unwritten rule but nontheless unfair...


I have a few... I never wanted to get one that went below the tshirt line but did anyways. I dont think its a big deal now a days bc most people have atleast one and most office jobs require you to wear a long sleeve shirt so they are covered. I say go for it if you want you only live once!


To each his own. I have virgin skin but my wife has 3 and my two best friends in the world are tatted up, one with sleeves on each arm. I probably will never get a tat cause, "my daddy would kill me".:rofl:


go for it bruddah, Im still deciding what work I want soon as I make up my mind for good, I'll be sleeved up on my right arm-no desire to wrap the left, but hey-we're still young, life may have other plans for losing our arms while skydiving past an unsuspecting News Helicopter:whistle::rofl:

mebbe we could be totally Dorky n get the same sleeve:moon: wouldnt that be sooper-cool?:poke:


nowadays tats are WAY more accepted than they used to be. that said, there are still people and companies that look left at 'em. i've got half sleeves on both arms and want to go full, but dont have the cash now (busa money). it all depends on your field of work. i say if you can, then go for it. they are part of your personality.:thumbsup:


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I have a few small tattoos and want one on my foot but haven't because of how you are percieved especialy because I work in healthcare field it is frowned upon. I think my generation late twenty early thirty, don't mind. It is the bosses above us that do. Wait a few more years until we are in charge and it won't matter.


I think tatoos are more popular today then ever. Even programmes like Miami Ink etc are very popular over here. I would have a lot more if I had the dosh. :beerchug: Tatoos are cool :thumbsup:

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