sled has clutch problems!!


OK here's the deal. I've been starting the bike every other problems. I went out to start it tonight and the clutch felt really musshy (for those who dont know I'm in MN and cant ride too much!) So I tried dropping it into 1st gear and it just hung and lurched forward. I hit the kill switch and then tried second...same thing! What the heck should I do now?
it wouldn't let the clutch spin with the clutch pulled in and into gear! Yikes...its supposed to get into the 50's this weekend and I'd like to ride.





Lot's of wet clutch bikes do this...Yep..warm it up...then with some rev's...both brakes on..pull in the clutch and slam it first
not pretty but should break the plates loose....then ride..
Be are now rusty like me..rode 40 miles today with the wife on the back..noticed my clutch was growly too..not much oil in there....Bikes don't like to sit idle.....
How's the turbo prop..can't believe you fly that thing..
"Very green with envy" gotta be a rush..
I have had clutch problems after setting, last summer I put up a post because before every ride I had to hold the front break rev and drop the clutch to break it free. Before I ride this year Im going to have the dealer pull the clutch apart.  We talked and he said the stock clutch is set up to grab tighter after you let it out (hub moves and lockes up the clutch tighter)  He said he thinks its not letting the pressure off when the clutch is pulled in like it should. (moving back to looser setting, that its stuck full on) So when I start the bike to ride I have to shock this part loose so I can ride.  To me it sounds like this is poss. I will give it a try I can't keep going like this.  Maybe for you this is starting I know you have a ton more power... My Busa is a 2000  year bike... PS you let out the clutch with out breaking it loose and it sounds like #### it sounds dry grabs and can stall out the bike if you try to take off  normal.. Break it free and it acts normal all day.

Hey, Sled, post some pics if you get out! We want to see the new turbo in action!

You said that the clutch lever felt mushey? I suspect that;
1. Your clutch fluid level is low.
2. You have air in you clutch line.
3. You have contamination in the line, water, sludge.
4. A combination of the three.

I don't know the year of your bike, but I know that the fluid needs to replaced about every two years to keep this from happening.

My 0.4 cents worth.


THanks guys.....I guess I'll just rev it to the moon and drop the clutch!!! Freakin' thing anyhow!!!!

Turbo prop is doing well Kawafaski......just wish I didn't have to make payments on the dang thing!!!!

Stealth...its a 2002 so I doubt I'm low on fluids or anything like that.

Will do Bren!!! It may be a short season for me. I blew out my knee again. Get to go see the Doc on Friday to see whats next.
Wrap that knee is duct tape Sled, and get out there and ride!
I have an 02 also...Haven't noticed any problem with the clutch...Got 4500 miles on it from street and track...I'll keep an eye on it...