Slamming the Busa


If you take a look at the '03 busa from the side, you'll notice that the lower body of the bike is perfectly level with the ground.
SuzukiCyckes Link Broken
I wanna slam my '03 busa 3" in the back.  But how can I keep it level on the bottom if the lowest I can get the front is 1.5" with Reaper Risers??
Should I get something else for lowering the front?  Has anybody else ran into this problem?
drew if you go much lower than 1.5 in the front you might have the front fender slamming into the bottom of the nose ? mine is pretty close right now come down from a wheeelie too hard and might be getting new plastics
something to think about ?
I'm hoping I can stop doing wheelies once I lower it. But I'm sure (riding with the guys I ride with) that I'll end up getting it a few more times. So I should probably keep that in mind... thanks!