Single topic debate #7


So, just to mix it up, chime in with your opinion about which technique, uhm, philosophy of angling is superior.
I would rather use a spear myself somewhere near a coral reef but lets deal with options for those of us not blessed with tropical shores out front, rather a couple of rusty hulks, some used spare tires and the odd refridgerator.


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If you're in need of debate topics (which it seems you are) how about paper versus plastic, arai versus shoei, hubba bubba versus bubblicious, grey goose versus belvedere, or boxers versus briefs.

On a more serious versus pro-choice.


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Ok. Well the Old Testiment mentions fishing with hooks so I believe God ment us to fish using the simpler method, since God generally wants us to live happy, simple, uncomplicated lives. The unchanging truths. Then along comes MAN with his brilliant ideas of improving an already perfect solution by dressing it up and changing the methodology - lets add some THINKING behind the design, lets make it imitate nature with pretty colored wings to attrack the fish since, APPARENTLY, the hook thing was failing so terribly. So, man succeeded, once again in EVOLVING it into a more complicated, more expensive endeaver, like usual, and it might even yield a few more fish, but at what cost? Our time, money and energey and effort when the ORIGINAL way of fishing worked just fine

I side on the hook creation side working best. Because my Fishman's Handbook told me it worked better

PS I know absolutely nothing about fishing


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But Jesus told me to drop my nets so IAW the New Testament I fish with a net.

Im pokin' fun. I only fish with a debit card at the Albertsons


Back in the day that passage was written, fishing was still a chore needed to feed your family and trade at the market for a few pence. Hence the need to use a net.

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