Single Topic Debate #18


What makes one person quit and the other keep trying?
Is it a matter of your genetic characteristics?
A natural drive that results from a unique combination of chemicals and hormones?
Do you learn to keep on truckin through parenting and observation?
Did pops or mom teach you to "never give up son" or "don't quit no matter how bad it hurts"? Both physically and mentally?
What can you guys relate to this topic? A personal story or an example acquired in life by watching others ought ot keep us entertained.

My week and for that matter my last few years have been interesting. Terminations from decent jobs. Brushes with the law. Financial mayhem that could have lead to ruin. Multiple motorcycle crashes and lay downs (good thing I wore gear).
A fistfight or two I will not admit to more.
I thought I had it bad but realize that many people have things worse and struggle just to put food on the table. I luckily never had to struggle to eat.
I might have gone without a few desires but never went without my needs.
Nowadays, I could care less about material wealth (except for my Busa because that is my escape vehicle) and would relatively easily walk away from all my material slavery just to get a breath of fresh air or lighten my mind's burden.
My friend was arrested last week here in Sarajevo because he was having a bit too much fun on the eve of his flight out of the country and (details are still sketchy) got into a brawl with a local jackazz downtown at 0145 or sometime near there. The local guy got stomped and his car was "moved without his consent to allow for my friend's driver's vehicle to pass" but somehow the windows were all broken and the keys tossed in a field. These actions were admitted to by the other American at the scene and later retracted once he sobered up to the reality of the consequences of his actions. Being that my friend no longer held immunity but the other american does, my buddy is still in a holding cell working through the remnants of a post-communist redtape ridden legal system fighting and assault, GTA, and destruction of property charge while the other American is on a fast track home to H-Town.
My friend is good although I have not been able to see him. I just feared this prison system may be similar to that in Turkey for the Movie "Midnight Express". Luckily it is fairly livable and he may be released tomorrow after paying everybody and their mothers a bribe and restitution for stuff he didn't do. Oh well live and learn, any thirty year old man that finds himself in that situation is probably in need of self-evaluation anyway.

So what's your story?
I think it was Joe DiMaggio who once said, "There are no rich men's kids in baseball." I suppose you could make a corrollary about it that says, "There are no poor men's kids on Wall Street."

Could be exceptions. The aphorisms, of course, are meant to illustrate that people are the product of their environment. It's a debate as old as modern psychology.

But, the fact is, if people rise above their problems, they are better off for it. Those who get all whiny and start playing the blame game never do well. Those who struggle against their problems and creatively try to find ways to get over those challenges end up doing well eventually.

Most of the time.

A good analogy is this: We used to grow things in greenhouses. But, the minute you take them outside, they get knocked flat in the slightest breeze. Yet, if you grow things outdoors, they grow tall and strong in the hard winds and it takes a LOT to blow them over.

I don't think it's productive to seek out or cause personal tragedy for oneself but it's good to seek out opportunities for learning and growth.

We are all dealt a certain set of cards but it's HOW they are played that matters most as opposed to WHAT they are. That determines what YOU are and what YOU become.

Good stuff bro. True about the examples you provided.
It is just how you were raised in the environment of your upbringing.
I dont know, but teh environment you were raised in makes a very large impact on how you will grow up. If you want proof reat "The Iceman" by Philip Carlo. Very disturbing.
Nature or Nurture....

I have always thought that we are pretty much born what and who we are. Environment is certainly a huge factor but the blocks that are there genetically / inherited from our parents, at least in my opinion, are the not-easily-usurped foundation.

I would imagine that if a woman went to a fertility clinic and was offered..... uhem.... genetic material... from either The Rock or from a mumbling street bum..... Well, I think you get my drift.

Good thread and I hope your partner gets out ok!!!