Singel Can


Okay guys this is my first post. I have to ask is there and resaon that a lot of you guys are running a singel can rather than 2. Is there a performance gain running one. Or is it coz it's cheaper??? or it looks good. :withstupid:
In the US, its s-i-n-g-l-e... lol

I like the look and sound of my single can exhaust.

you will get more power out of a full 4:1 system and weighs less than a 4:2 or bolt on systems

depends on how much ya want to spend and how difficult you want to get to put them on
Bolt on is simple takes like 30 minutes to do
You can still get an aftermarket 4:2 full system. It's all in your preference. I like the way dual pipes look on the rear of the Busa. If your into sound D&D sounds great!
I did the 4-2-1 Akra for weight mostly. The number of cans dosen't change the geometery of the header pipes much or at all. That is more a function of displacement and RPM. The resulting airflow/power pulse frequency determines the diameter and length of the pipes to optimise the flow at a design RPM range. The theory is that individual cylinder's exhaust air mass travels down the pipes toward the cans and create a vaccuum in all the pipes behind them. This vaccuum helps the other pipes draw exhaust from the open cylinders and is called "scavenging". Two 4-2 systems with seperate cans will probably not create as much draw as a 4-2-1 does.

Our stock pipes are interconnected just before they split to the cans to create almost a 4-2-1 type scavenge. It is not as effective as a full 4-1 system but helps some. The stock pipes are smaller in diameter than a race set up. This small diameter keeps the low RPM exhaust flow moving fast enough to create scavenging but will choke off the higher flow of high RPM. This is the main reason a race pipe will give more peak power but can loose some low-mid RPM torque/HP. Since I was looking for more efficient high RPM pipe and the torque was awesome already - I chose the race pipe form Akrapovic. 4-2-1 with one can was the lightest and produces good power increases. Two cans looks fine but I couldn't see pulling the weight of another can around.

Also 2 bolt on cans cost about 600-800 dollars and my full system cost me $820.
The only info I can add is that I went with Yoshi RS3 race bolt on's. The difference between the bolt ons and full system is 2-3 hp (dyno). It did'nt seem worth it to me for the extra 2-3. Also as far as the weight difference goes, hit the atkins diet for a month or so. You'll see some real weight savings.