Simple changes


These are things that work good for ME. Don't know if you'll find them to work for you.

1. Adjusted clutch lever reach - Shortened reach for quicker action. Works better for shifting speed and helps to eliminate the dreaded false neutral from 4-5 and 5-6.

2. Adjusted brake lever reach - Moved it way in. Now can easily modulate the throttle while on the brakes. Makes for better "on the gas" transitions.

3. Adjusted shifter position - Lowered slightly to get more foot under the shifter. More foot leverage for more positive shifting and better ground clearance.

4. Adjusted rear brake pedal height - raised pedal height. Makes it easier to get more rear brakes. seemed too low at stock height. Also, now better ground clearance.

5. Removed peg feelers - All they seem to be good for is scaring you when you're over too far. If you need the lean, you need it.

6. Removed peg weights - Got rid of the anti-vibration peg weights and now have LESS vibration, and saved a couple of pounds. NOTE: You will nedd to cut about 1/4" off the longer screw.

7. Removed rear side reflectors - just plain hated the way they looked.

8. Added billet valve caps - Cost a buck...why not?

9. Added Gunmetal stripe to rear hump - Color matched strip and added to rear hump. Completes the look.

10. Replaced windscreen with Double bubble - dark smoke - Works better than original from a wind buffeting standpoint. being tall, now I can actually see the turn signals. That's important. Also looks better...i think.

11. Replaced stock mufflers with Yoshimura RS-3 race cans - Motorcycles ought to be heard!!! Not to mention I have much better drivability now. much smoother power delivery. NOTE: I also had the throttle bodies synchronized as well. Helped a lot. Stainless cans, matches the bike well.

12. Added spools for service stand - Got gold to match the brakes, looks cool.
13. Removed warning / safety stickers - Guess I'm a rebel.

14. Adjusted front suspension preload, compression and rebound damping - Works much better now.

15. Adjusted rear suspension compression and rebound damping - Gotta love the difference.

16. Replaced stock seat with Suzuki Gel seat - get about an extra 20 miles before the t'aint starts hurting.

17. Changed hand lever positions - Since I'm tall, moving them down made the grab much more natural.

Will be posting a picture shortly.

Quick and EZ's how I like'm tooo.  Here's what I did to the rear Reflector holes.  Goto Radio Sh!t and get some lights and hook them into the running light power going to the brake lights.  I also added an extra brake light there.  I used a "vampire" splice to cut into the power and ground wires.

Right now I'm working on Strobes up front...  I'll have pictures in that thread soon.

no kidding ....haven't seen that before..