Sig P250 9mm Compact

I tried this gun at my local range a few weeks ago without realizing it was a true double action semi-automatic because I wanted a smaller weapon than my XDM 45 for concealed carry. Loved it so much I bought one the same day. It's my first Sig and by far the most accurate handgun I have ever fired. Anyone else try one?
Nope, have several 1911's and a XD in .40. Carried the 1911's for years and now I carry the XD every day with no issues. Glad you like it.


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I love my Sigs. Own a number of models. Along with 1911 and a few others. Can never go wrong with a Sig unless it is a 556.


The milkman cometh!!!
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We carry the 229 .40 as our duty sidearm (love it) so I may give this a try, thanks.
If you carry and are use to the 229 then you should check out the new 224. It is a subcompact based off of the 226 and 229. It will feed the newer 229 mags so you don't have to carry different mags. They just released it in SA/DA. I have the DAK and I am not a fan of the DA trigger so I am trading it for the SA/DA model.
I have a 2022 which is polymer. It's light but a little snappy. I like it, it's very accurate and has never malfed. Are you finding ammo where you are? Still dry here.

If I was going to go compact I would probably go with a shield if I was going to change carry weapons.

I carry a kahr PM9 now, small but you have to carry an extra mag for extended social occasions.

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