Shutterbugs - Africa in Black and white


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pps. file, safe to download.

Makes me homesick, use to be a voluntary game ranger there and take a party of twelve for a seven day hike trip once every year. Different camp lodge every night. Two of us each with a high caliber rifle between these guys. Never had an incident, respected their ways.

We may go back there next year with eight couples, will start the planning later this year.



No training wheels?
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Those pics are beautiful works of art. Would love to see the real thing one day. With a REALLY big telephoto lens of course. :laugh: Don't want to get too close.


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Black and White sometimes lends majesty to a photograph in a way color cannot


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Beautiful. Where and which national park in Africa?
The pictures were taken mostly in Kenya and Tanzania.

I use to do voluntary game ranging in the Kruger, South Africa. If I go again it would be the Kruger and a couple of days at one of the private game ranches.


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It does not get much better than that...of the major trips an area like that one be on the list. Like others mentioned the lack of color may add to the beauty.


Well if you go to the Kruger Park now, you are going to be going against the poachers as they are killing rhinos all the time. South Africa has been at war with these guys. 2011 - 448 rhinos were shot for the horns, 2012 - 31 have been shot so far this year alone. Sad to say the least.

The pictures are great by the way
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