Show those trick rearsets $$$

I have run two types of rearset on the L2 . The first set were Agras , I had them anodized black , they raised the peg 20mm and I found it negatively affecting my hip , ( no surprise there ) and I have them stored away at the moment . The set I am running now are Gilles combined with Valter Moto raising mounts , but reversed to lower mount instead . This lowering plate will of worked with the Agras also . I really like this Gilles setup a lot , I can crank over in a corner with no clearance worries . The quality of both sets is very good , but I must say the Gilles are the very best factory kit I have ever bought , for the complete package value truly reflects the $ spent .



Driven Racing D Axis rearsets. Paid $210 less than what they retail for and got them new in package. Tons of adjustability.


I like the Driven pieces because they are adjustable at the plate and adjustable at the foot peg. Mine are currently set back and up. I can also reverse the pivot and do a GP shift.
Yeah it need to be cleaned for sure! had been ridding hard and I am not a fluffy kind of picture taking guy I just don't think about stuff like that when there is a new part to put on. Great eye though I feel naked. Oh yeah nobody wants to see that!!
might wanna check out the sprockets as well.... but that chain is Nastee.

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