Shout Out To Frank

Holy hell just got back from a test rip.

2015 busa

Custom cat delete header
Dual m4 slip ons
Ecu flashed by the man himself
+3 on rear sprocket
Roaring toyz blocks set to max length

Good God this thing is a beast 1st gear lifts up as if it was stock length and gearing without the clutch that took me by surprise once the tire warmed up its 39* out today.

Absolutely fantastic job sir thanks
He can change the way your bike rides for sure. He did his magic to my '13 which is stock height and length, and +2 on the rear. I had to relearn the whole first gear thing, and second didn't exactly keep the tire on the ground either. His ECU flash was the best $50 I've ever spent on a bike!


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Nope, just a much smoother throttle and unrestricted power in the first four gears, which combined with lower gearing really puts all of that torque to good use...
I would not expect to see any substantial increase in overall horsepower because of our flash, especially since we are adamant in not touching fuel tables, for many reasons touched upon in other threads. However, the "derestriction" of the ecu, the timing changes, secondary throttle mapping changes (STPs) on the Gen 2s, and increased rev limit all work together to wake up any Busa with a stock ecu. There are several other modifications available, depending on the application. We hear time and again about the immediate improvement in throttle response and driveability - the before and after never fails to impress. Disabling the top speed limiter is also a nice touch for those inclined to appreciate their Busa to the max.
If you have not done this, you should consider it . . .

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